EDMONTON, Alta January 3, 2012- Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. (“Wavefront” or the “Corporation”, TSX-V:
WEE), the leader in fluid injection optimization for improved performance and profitability in the oil and environmental sectors, is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition (the “Acquisition”) of the intellectual property of Midland, Texas based Vortech Inc., an arm’s length, privately held company owned and operated by Mr. Rex Dodd. The Acquisition brings to Wavefront technology and qualified people who have developed a successful presence in an important market with an active customer base.

Vortech has been in operation since 1997 as an oil field service provider, operating primarily in Texas and California.
Vortech offers rental of down-hole pulsating jet tools used for cleaning up well bore damage, stimulation of production or injection wells, and improving the drilling rate of penetration of drill bits.

The Acquisition provides complementary pulsating technology and associated intellectual property patents. Vortech’s tools produce significantly higher frequency fluid pressure waves than Powerwave devices. Powerwave devices are
designed to improve distribution and achieve deep penetration of fluid into the reservoir, while Vortech’s devices have marginal control over fluid distribution in the reservoir and are better suited to remove near wellbore impediments and improve drilling operations. The two approaches broaden Wavefront’s fluid injection technology portfolio and capabilities.

Key technologies acquired through the $4 Million United States Dollars (US $4,000,000) cash Acquisition include:

• Pulsating Jet Tool (PJT). The PJT can be run on coil tubing or conventional tubing. It can be used in tubing,
cased hole, and open hole wells. A horizontal fluid vortex is formed inside the PJT, producing a pulsating fluid
upon exiting the tip. The PJT effectively cleans up the wellbore and stimulates the reservoir, all in one run.

• Self Adjusting Nozzle (SAN) Tool. The SAN can be run on coil tubing or conventional tubing. It can be used in
tubing, cased hole, liners, screens and open hole wells. The SAN is able to adjust its pulsating fluid from
multiple ports or to a single port depending on what is encountered down hole. For example, if the SAN
encounters hard scale or a blockage, the tool will collapse and shut off the back and side ports to direct greater
energy toward the front port. As the nozzle eliminates the hard scale or blockage the SAN hydraulically reverts
back to a multiple port configuration.

• Pulsating Bit Sub Tool (PBS). The PBS is positioned in the drill string directly above the bit. A horizontal fluid
vortex is formed inside the bit, producing a pulsating fluid upon exiting the bit. Increased drilling rates of penetration are achieved from a higher impact pressure created by the pulsating jet stream. The PBS assists in the break-up of hard brittle material as well as enhancing the cleaning of debris from the bit face and hole
The Acquisition is viewed to be a positive growth opportunity and further position Wavefront as the leader in differential fluid flow technology. These opportunities include:
• Potential to increase Wavefront’s current revenue stream by expanding the geographical marketing extent of the Vortech stimulation approach including an immediate opportunity in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

• Devices that allow entry to complex well completions that otherwise cannot be accessed with current Powerwave equipment for well stimulation purposes.

• The PJT will allow Wavefront to further integrate the benefits of fluid pulsing with Wavefront’s Shark Pump
product, thereby potentially expanding its market potential.

• A suite of tools that can be used in certain environmental groundwater remediation applications.

• Entrance of Wavefront into the global drilling and completions market with the addition of the PBS. As all
drilling operations utilize some form of bit sub there is a large potential global market for the PBS.
Vortech’s management reported unaudited, consolidated revenue of US $736,781 for the nine (9) months ended September 30, 2011. For the period ended December 31, 2007 to September 30, 2011 Vortech’s management reported, unaudited, consolidated average annual revenue of US $1,125,001.

Concurrent with the Acquisition, Wavefront extended employment offers to all Vortech personnel and is moving quickly to establish a new office and warehouse in Midland, Texas managed by Mr. Dodd. The addition of Mr. Dodd and his experienced and respected team provides Wavefront with:

• Instantaneous Wavefront presence in the West and East Texas market with the expectation to grow Powerwave
sales; and,

• Contact with sixty four (64) companies and the opportunity to continue to provide cost-effective solutions to established clients.

“We are very pleased to have completed the strategic acquisition of Vortech’s proven suite of technology and the addition of Rex Dodd and his team to Wavefront”, said Wavefront President and CEO, Brett Davidson. “Vortech’s fluid
pulsing tools will further cement Wavefront’s position as leaders in differentiated fluid flow approaches for well stimulation and flooding applications to maximize oil recovery. We will continue to evaluate companies and technologies that supplement Wavefront’s business model and we will always be prudent and disciplined before we invest.”

“Wavefront is establishing a global network of distributors to serve the growing market for cost-effective solutions to increase oil recovery,” said Vortech President Rex Dodd. “With Vortech added to the equation, Wavefront can provide pulsating technology from drilling all the way through completion and production. We are glad to be part of the
Wavefront team, and to be building leading edge production and drilling solutions together with pulsating technologies.”



“D. Brad Paterson” (signed)

D. Brad Paterson, CFO & Director
About Wavefront:

Wavefront is a technology based, world leader in fluid injection technology for improved/enhanced oil recovery and groundwater restoration. Wavefront publicly trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol WEE and the Company\'s website is

For further information please contact:

Brett Davidson, President and CEO or D. Brad Paterson, CFO at 780-486-2222 or write to us at investor.info@onthewavefront.com
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- LOPTEX S.r.l - Italia

Detectores de contaminación y fibra extraña.

HALL 2, Stand B144 , 40 m² ,

Presentará un nuevo equipo detector de alta resolución, modelo “SORTER OPTOSONARHDS”, nueva generación sónica junto a el nuevo detector óptico HRS.

- MARZOLI S.p.A. – Italia (cumple 160 años)

Maquinaria para hilatura fibra corta.

HALL 2, Stand 2-216, 600 m² ,

Presentará las siguientes nuevas máquinas: Limpiador de dos aspas en serie con doble cámara de alimentación B380, Carda C701 , manuar DF/R1, reunidora.-estiradora de napas LW3, peinadora CM7, mechera FT6D y continua de hilar MDS1 (1820 husos).

- NSC Tow to Yarn – Alemania – Francia – Italia – (Cumple más de 200 años).

Sistemas y equipos para transformación, peinado e hilatura de lana y fibras sintéticas.

Cognetex, Sant´Andrea, n. Schlumberger, Seydel y Thibeau.

HALL 2 , Stand A142, 450 m² ,

Presentará la peinadora NSC ERA con las últimas actualizaciones y aplicaciones.

Rompedora de fibra (TOW to TOP) Seydel S200.

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Aplicaciones para hilatura, elastómeros, flames, detectores, paros automáticos, etc..

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Presentara funcionando en varias continuas de pruebas MERLIN, los sistemas de monitorización de la producción para las hilaturas (mediante sensores individuales huso a huso, (SENSORFIL), también ofrecerán novedades en sus aplicaciones. Y los productos tradicionales como los flamés.
Short Slub , flamas de hasta 15 mm.

Corespun modelos nuevos CSC (de guías autocentrables) y CTL (de guías que siguen el movimiento del “traverse” de las mechas).

Injected Yarn: mecanismo que permite inyectar fibras de colores formando hilados con flamas de color

Duo Core: esta aplicación permite trabajar con 2 tipos de filamento continuo diferentes (lycra y poliéster por ejemplo)

Super Traveller: revolucionario nuevo concepto de aros y anillos corredores que permiten velocidades extremas, especialmente en fibras especiales.

Autoclamp: mecanismo que evita la reserva de hilo en los husos y en consecuencia su limpieza exhaustiv

- PROSINO S.r.l. – Italia

Aros BORGOSESIA para continuas de hilar.

Anillos con tratamiento superficial tipo RZD PROTED y F1, anillos cónicos en acero

para hilatura tipo lanera, anillos en acero sinterizado para textiles técnicos

HALL 2, Stand C222, 30 m² .

Nuevo anillo para hilatura algodonera.

- RITE S.p.A. – Italia

Devanadoras electrónicas, gaseadora para hilado, acopladoras , mercerizadora de hilado en madejas, madejeros ZERBO.

HALL 1 , Stand B115, 200 m².

BobinadoraS RE-FLEX MT y RE-FLEX W , devanadora DRM.

Equipo de mercerizado de algodón en madejas AURORA con cargador automático,

- SAVIO MACCHINE TESSILI S.p.A. Italia. (cumple 100 años)

Bobinadoras automáticas, retorcedora doble torsión, hiladora O.E. , Voluminizadora de hilados.

HALL 1 , Stand A149 , 500 m² .

Bobinadora automática “POLAR I DLS” y POLAR E”, retorcedora doble torsión “ SIRUS “ , hiladora O.E. “ FRS 3000”

- TOMSIC Electronic Systems . Italia

Autoreguladores para cardas y manuares, sistema electrónico de monitoreo de cintas,

equipos para laboratorios control de calidad.

HALL 2, Stand B109 , 50 m².

TMS25-QM control de calidad de cintas en tiempo real, TMS25-R1 autoregulador para carda de largo y corto período, TMS25-R1F KIT aplicación de autoregulador para manuares, TMS25-LINK control producción y calidad “on line” ,

Regularímetro EASY para fibra cortada y fibra continua fibra continua (poliéster, Nylon, etc..) con un nuevo sistema de torsión del hilado y cargador automático.

Dinamómetro Tenso Tester 2.

- ZENTEX S.p.A. – Italia

HALL 2 , Stand C251, 16 m² , presentara en la ITMA:

Tirantes reforzados para máquinas de hilar y retorcer, correas de mando para husos.
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